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    Matkallamaan keskipisteeseen 2020

    Journey to the hartlands 2020

    19 September 2020-14 March 2021

    Jyväskylä art museum

    Jyväskylä, Finland

    Month of the artist

    Rovaniemi art museum caffe

    January 2021

    Rovaniemi, Finland


    I am a visual artist.

    I have been constantly pursuing the possibility of Colour and Light in my work.


    I have explored new colours, shapes, and spaces produced by action of time.


    For the past of few years, I have been subjecting sunlight to various forms of spectral decomposition, and using the colours obtained to make video works and then creating installations with these works.


    Since 2018, I have also stared to make new directions of works that transformed Sound to Light and Light to Sound.


    I graduated from Tama University of Arts Graduate school with an MFA in 1999.

    I have been visited over 30 places as a residence artist in the world since The Banff Centre, Canada in 2002.


    My work have been exhibited in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.


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    Video installation 2017


    Video installation 2015


    Video installation 2016

    Spectrum- Colour-Light-

    Dital photography 2018

    Spectrum- Colour-Light-

    Degital photography 2018


    Video installation 2019

    Spectrum- colour-Light-

    Video installation 2018-2020

    Spectrum- colour-Light-

    Video installation 2018-2020

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